RDI Software Support


No reason to install Virtual or Windows XP to run Advantage 4.0/5.0 With the new Systems Integrator both will run directly from Windows 7/64, 8/64 or 10/64. Contact your dealer.

eFile Prep is released late Dec. or Jan. each year  Contact your dealer

Why change your business to suit your software?

The RDI Advantage Accounting System, introduced in 1983 as the first PC-based accounting system for small to medium businesses, continues to be the most feature-rich and flexible system available. The package consists of 24 modules, including all "back room" functions (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll, etc.), 4 different sales processing modules, one to suit your specific needs, plus premium modules such as Job Costing, Report Generator, Fixed Assets, and much more. RDI Advantage is sold through our network of resellers, every one a seasoned expert with the software, so training and support is never more than a phone call away. With a price under $1600 for the complete basic 4.0 package, the combination of power, flexibility, support and value is unbeatable!

Windows Modules

All windows modules require the version of RDI Advantage 4 platform. They do not replace the version 4 modules; they are simply additional modules that access the data through a native Windows interface, giving you the flexibility of using either interface to work with your data.


$495 Systems Integrator 

$45 new System Manager

$1195 Point of Sale Invoicing Full for windows (includes customer Expert and multiple site licenses.) This requires the Accounts Receivable module of version 4

$695 Point of Sales Invoicing Lite for windows is only licensed for use at one physical location. This also requires the Accounts Receivable module of version 4.

$695 Inventory for Windows (includes Inventory Expert)

$395 Bank Reconciliation for Windows

$295 Data Export Tool for Windows This allows you to export data from RDI Advantage Accounting System to a variety of formats

$695 Efile Prep for Windows This package creates IRS and SSA submitable files for your W-2 and 1099-MICS forms. It also prints on preprinted W-2, W-3. 1099-MICS and 1096 forms based on data in the Payroll, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger modules.

$979 RDI Advantage Software Version 4 Full This product is for all new installations and all upgrades. All 24 modules are included as well as a complete manual on cd.

$495 Windows Print Service Plus 

RDI values the essential role of qualified resellers in the distribution and support of accounting software. We recognize that a strong dealer network is the basis upon which an accounting software package thrives and will refer current and prospective clients to qualified dealers for all product purchases and support.