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Overview of Services Offered:

Our support team provides you with over 40 years of combined experience. We cover all versions of RTS Advantage Accounting Software. Our customers are found across the continental United States, Canada, Alaska, Central America, and many Caribbean Island countries. We also support customers in Hawaii and even as far away as Pago Pago!

Inventory importing & bar code services
We are able to import inventory items, descriptions, costs etc. into RTS Advantage Inventory for Windows, print bar code labels and also install hand scanners to make Point of Sale really efficient!

Software Training Seminars & Webinars
Ever since the late 80’s, we have traveled the USA offering week long training seminars for all the popular applications of Advantage Software.

Mass Fax & Mass Email options
To expand the capabilities of Advantage, we have also provided the ability to automatically send mass faxes and mass emails. For example, if you have several hundred customer statements to transmit, we are able to transmit them via fax or email instead of the old “snail mail” (wonder when it gets there option).

Custom computer forms and labels
We provide professionally designed computer forms that fit all accounting software. Also, we can customize special forms.

Web Site Hosting & Development
This has become a very popular offering. We are able to tie a number of business needs together such as a shopping cart populated with your inventory and even your customers who may be given their own special VIP login and special discounts for them. At the end of each day, the new sales can be downloaded to your accounting software and merged in to the sales for the day. Even new customers are added to your customer master file!