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Integrated Credit Card Processing

Simplify your payment processing with RDI Advantage Software and OpenEdge!

With this integrated feature, you can process credit card payments directly from your payment screen.  This software greatly reduces the time and cost required for manual reconciliations, so your employees can work more efficiently and effectively.

Business Benefits: accept all major credit and pinpad debit cards, combined sales and credit card receipts, eliminate bulky and costly credit card terminals and process payment transactions in under 5 seconds!

Customer Benefits: choose from multiple payment methods, buy what they need without being limited by cash on hand and single receipt/statement for more professional appearance.

OpenEdge and RDI benefits: free credit card processing software and free upgrades, competitive rates that save you money, and credit card processing directly from your payment screen.

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Remote Backup Services

This can be set to run automatically. There is nothing more reassuring than "Backup Completed" when returning to your office after a flood, power surge, tornado, etc. and knowing the backup was stored off site. Do you know how to restore specific files? Don't be caught short. Computers and software can be replaced but your data cannot.

Bit Defender Virus Protection

Bit Defender is one of the leading protectors of computer invasions today! We are online daily and need to be secure as the internet has become a real extension of today's business. Therefore, it is so important to have aggressive up-to-date virus protection.